HRN Pro Reports Pack – Preakness Stakes

Get the winning edge with all 3 brand new HRN pro reports. Package includes:

  • Pace Report – Preakness Day
  • Jockey Report – Preakness Day
  • Shippers Report – Preakness Day

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Pack includes these 3 brand new reports:

  • Pace Report – Identifying pace is one of the most important aspects of handicapping, and sometimes the most difficult.  Our advanced algorithms help you get a jump start on handicapping by identifying the fastest and slowest races of the day – across the country and for each track.
  • Jockey Report – Use HRN’s advanced stats – Expected Wins and Impact to find jockeys that are performing significantly better (or worse) than their odds.
  • Shippers Report – HRN’s Exclusive Shippers report shows the historical impact and performance of horses traveling from one track to the next.
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